Rod repair



Fishing rods, like reels are important to keep in good shape.  Line guides and tip tops are the most common failed parts of a fishing rod.  We have repaired over 1000 fishing rods.  Line guides and tip tops are replaced with the exact one that came with the rod or better.  Sometimes the manufacture does not sell replacement guides for rods.  With over 200 thread colors we do as best as we can to match the color of thread on your rod.

Rods should not be shipped to us.  Please set up an appointment to drop your rods off for repair.         


Custom rods

SMOOTHREELS.COM also builds fishing rods.  Most of the custom rods we build are panfish rods.  MHX blanks are the most common blanks we use to build on.  Our rods are not flashy with custom thread wraps but are very usable rods.  Rods will be built to your specifications.  Please contact us for your custom rod consultation.