The cleaning process


The beginning

SMOOTHREELS.COM was originally Ryan's Custom Rods and Reel Shop.  I have been cleaning and repairing fishing reels for over 9 years.  My business started out building 1 crappie rod and cleaning a handful of reels the first year.  The word spread that there was a guy in Kansas City performing reel maintenance again.  I have cleaned several thousand reels since.  All types from $1200 Megabass round reels to Zebco 33's. 


Reel Cleaning

Reel cleaning is something that should be done yearly to keep your reels performing to their top potential.  Reels that are cleaned go through a process that has been refined (often copied) over the years.  

Reel cleaning starts by checking the reel.  Doing a once over the reel before servicing it can identify what issues the reel may be facing.  

Once the reel is checked it is completely disassembled.  Parts are put into a tray to keep everything organized.  Everything is put into a basket that goes into an ultrasonic cleaner for 15 minutes.  I use a special solution that does a wonderful job of cleaning the dirt, grease and oils from the reel.  If there is any residual dirt, grease or oil on the reel it will be cleaned with a soft brush.

Reels are then reassembled using Penn reel grease for gears and Reel X oil for other moving parts.  This process has proven to last the longest in weekend tournament use.    

Bearings are put into a heated ultrasonic cleaner for 30 minutes in a special solution designed to micro-clean the bearing surfaces.  The bearings are then air dried and re-oiled with TSI-321.  This oil was designed for the Apollo space mission to withstand the rigors of space travel.  It does not washout like other oils.